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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Stylebook transition
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:43:44 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

>>>> Is there an HOWTO-easy-switch-to-forrest? In particular,
>>>> is there a package which can be distributed with a project
>>>> so that users can build their docs at home?
>> No, but we should definately make an effort to make one available from
>> this very project.
> Sure, the Centipede plugin is exactly that, a way to make Forrest easy 
> to use.
> It will be made and distributed by this project, and usable by centipede 
> automatically.
> Anyway, this will have to be voted on, the main point though is that 
> Forrest will have this feature :-)

Forrest's main operational mode is server-side/cron-based right now, as 
is Gump. I'm not sure on the deployment mode of Maven nor Anakia, but I 
prefer to provide Forrest mainly as a centralized service, as the 
forrestbot currently is. Forrest creating it's own forrest.cent has been 
long on my wishlist, too, but I'd prefer to move forward in one 
direction instead of being sidetracked in yet another direction. I 
believe we will never end up with some sanitized and standardized 
documentation tool if we don't lift the documentation build process out 
of the concerned projects. Otherwise, people will fetch their copy of 
Forrest, integrate it into their own project, patch it locally as 
needed/to their liking and forget to give back to us. I'm not sure 
whether cents will avoid this problem, while I see their usefullness. 
Not sure however if we can expect from people to adopt Centipede for 
doing some local docs building.

That being said, I'm -0 (gee, what a long explanation for a non-veto :-)

I agree we should compose some how-to as to how people can migrate their 
documentation sources towards Forrest-compliancy, and that we should 
upgrade forrestbot until it works for several projects, maybe adding the 
option to build to a temporary location and giving projects the ability 
to trigger a documentation run manually. I'm not so sure whether 
projects would be interested in adding a hefty cocoon.jar to their lib 
directory just for building docs, nor that Cocoon can be considerably 
tuned down in size without losing required functionalities (and I 
remember someone adding even more megabytes of fop stuff to CVS with the 
message that that was also core to forrest ;-)

But maybe my -0 will change once I have enough free time to finish some 
outstanding issues and work seriously on the Ant scripts (or Joerg goes 
the extra mile, creates patches for his remarks on DTDs and XSLT instead 
of mails, and I only have to apply them ;-)

OK - back to work now :-|

I'll be back!


Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center            

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