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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: [DTD] List attributes
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 18:42:57 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>  <ol>
>>    <li>
>>      <ol>
>>        <li>stuff
>>  ->
>>    1.
>>      a) stuff
>>    1.
>>      1.1 stuff
> Isn't this a style decision?
> I mean: shouldn't be the graphic designer to know *how* to format nested
> lists?

It depends. If so, you'll get *all* lists numbered either
one or the other way. While the graphic designer should supply
a default, I can imagine that the document writer sometimes
wants to have a choice.

This is especially the case for *nested* lists. The
   1. kkkkk
     a) sdfs
     b) klrdjtlert
   2. laber kram
     i) guru do
     ii) gnta lore
may be conceived differently from
   1. kkkkk
     1.1. sdfs
     1.2. klrdjtlert
   2. laber kram
     2.1. guru do
     2.2. gnta lore
The latter suggests the sublists adhere to a more common
criteria than in the first case, where the sublists may
express arbitrary independent choices.
You can, of course introduce a new element for "hierachical
nested lists" in order to distinguish it from arbritrary
nested lists.

Apart from this, there is still the question
 > > Are there default rules how nested <ol> get numbered?
   1. kkkkk
     1. sdfs
     2. klrdjtlert
   2. laber kram
     1. guru do
     2. gnta lore
is a bit unimpressive, and can become confusing.

Unfortunately, there are a few nested ordered lists in the
FOP documentation, therefore I'd like to get an answer from
the guardians of the DTDs.
Well, the question applies to unordered lists too, I guess.


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