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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Project Deliverables List ?
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 08:30:50 GMT
Ruedi Anneler - A-R-T GmbH, Switzerland wrote:

  > I've a few questions to this; could you please tell me whether I'm right
  > or wrong:
  > -DDS are developed by forrest


  > -they are put into one component FORREST REPOSITORY for use by all

the canonical copy will be located in Forrest, indeed - I'm pretty sure
people will make local copies for editing purposes, too.

  > -CSSs are developed by forrest

We'll do the 'default' XML Apache skin (based on the Bert skin) - people
are free to add their own skins however. We have not decided yet whether
Forrest should be able to import these custom skins and build
documentation using them. A skin is basically composed of some XSLT
stylesheets and skin-specific images, CSS stylesheets and possibly

  > -they are put into one component FORREST REPOSITORY for use by all

yes, for the default skin

  > -XSLs / XSLTs are developed by forrest

yes, ditto

  > -they are put into one component FORREST REPOSITORY for shared use by
  > all projects

go on ;-)

  > -All projects XML (one or more than one by project) repositories are
  > Input for CENTIPEDE

for Forrest

  > -Forrest XMLs are output of CENTIPEDE

don't understand that one, what do you mean with this?

  > -Forrest XMLs (all projects) are input to COCOON

Forrest embeds Cocoon which is used as a the (HTML) document build tool

  > -HTMLs are output of COCOON

indeed, but we'll add PDF output when we get there, too

  > -CSSs are embedded in HTMLs created by COCOON


  > -Batch COCOON doesn't need any XSPs

for sure! ;-) (I guess I'm not the only one who dislikes XSPs)

  > -the cron.job is kind of a script containing commands controlling the
  > batch execution of CENTIPEDE and FORREST

the cronjob ('forrestbot') triggers:

    - an auto-update of Forrest itself to a work environment
    - download of project documentation sources
    - build of project documentation
    - deployment of project documentation

  > Question:
  > what about graphics and pictures?

stored locally to the project, just as the XML source files

  > -formats
  > -source locations
  > -moving them through the system
  > -connecting them to XMLs
  > -embedding them in web pages

most of it is handled already by the default Cocoon sitemap

  > additional information
  > -who is creating them
  > -what and how
  > -formats
  > -source locations
  > -input for which component (Centipede, Forrest, Cocoon, anything else)

main configuration files for each component:

* Centipede (basically the project build environment): project.xtarget
* Forrest: forrest.xgump and forrest.xconf
* Cocoon: sitemap.xmap, libre.xml (not yet)

  > Could you please let me know your ideas about this? thanx.


I'll try to answer the other remarks later on.



Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center            

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