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From "Ruedi Anneler - A-R-T GmbH, Switzerland" <>
Subject Re: Project Deliverables List ?
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 09:22:46 GMT

Steven Noels wrote:

>>From: Ruedi Anneler - A-R-T GmbH, Switzerland []
>>I'm new here and I wonder wheter there's a project deliverables list
>>available telling me more about the expected results. As far as I've
>>seen there are a lot of activity descriptions. Insiders might
>>know (or
>>only assume ?) what the outcome of every activity is, I don't.
>I hope the project vision (amongst other things) is somehow clarified in
>the Primer ( - have you read
Yes, I've read it, and I've read the whole Centipede doc too.

A graphical representation of the system showing its major components 
(inputs, main function, outputs) and their collaboration could be of 
value for newbie navigation.
Are you interested in getting a draft to show what I mean and 
documenting my understanding so far?

>>As I'd like to share my ideas concerning large systems documentation
>>(have several years of experience in this area) I'd like to know what
>>the final result - preferrably in measurable terms - will be (even if
>>it's only a vision at this time).
>What do you mean with 'measurable terms'? You don't want an ROI
>calculation for a primarly internal Apache documentation project, don't
Sorry for not beeing clear enough. It is not a ROI calculation for sure. 
What I address is some help to be able to "navigate" in your project.
It is assumed that the project produces useful results (work products). 
The attributes should be in a form allowing me to see/decide wheter I 
have an expected result or not.
Do you think it's useless to know at least the names, the purpose and 
the attributes of the project work products?

>>Having a look on the "dream" list I miss the addressed
>>"consumers" (e.g.
>>in the form of user groups) and their tasks.
>>Could you please let me know about your plans and project
>>management. Thanx.
>Well, this is open source. Informal process, no project management,
>maybe some thought leaders (but we are a small group, so not much
>leadership wanted), everybody working on the little parts he/she is
>particularly good at, organic process etc... My primer was mostly
>written as an intro for newcomers, so I would be happy if you review it
>and post comments or requests for clarification.
o.k. I'm learning about the way the community works. I'll come back with 
some feedback.

>>Attached is a draft of a project setup as I use it in commercial
>>development projects. I'm interested in feedback to this too.
>Looks like the typical consultant document to me, sorry (and I already
>wrote many of them, trust me). It's good if you need to convince a
>prospect that he should allocate that budget for you. It doesn't work in
>this context IMO.
>If you think the project's homepage doesn't sufficiently describe what
>we are doing, than we should do something about it.
The docs I've described address several important aspects for project 
success despite of the organisation running it (focus lies on the work 
products one has at the end of the project).
Describing activities instead of output often leads to confusion and may 
waste resources and time (knowledge based on experience and pain too).
But there's no problem to leave off what one doesn't need (e.g. 
financial aspects), and to use a less formal approach for target and 
objectives communication, of course :-) .
And I'm interested to learn about OpenSource development anyway.


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