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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: DTD/XSLT mods: link and jump (Was: DTD questions)
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 19:30:04 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> This has only been a minor tidy up (there are
> broader issues still). I have clarified the current
> intention of jump and link at
>  build/xml-forrest/docs/document-v11.html

The @anchor attribute for <jump>is no longer explicitely
mentioned. Does this mean it's gone?

> Finally i figured out the difference between jump/link:
> ----
> The jump behaves differently, in that it will replace
> any frames in the current window. This is the equivalent
> of <a ... target="_top">

That's what made me to assume that
  link: link within the same project: navigation panels of the
    frame set stay the same, content window is replaced.
  jump: jump to another apache project: content and navigation
    panels are replaced
  fork: fork a new window with content from somewhere else,
    usually a non-apache ressource (but possibly also a help
    window, or a search form)
These appear to be common designs, supposed you use frames,
and the apache projects use a common look&feel, in particular
similar frame sets and navigation panels (neither of which
is all that true currently)

The page mentioned above plainly states what the <link>,
  <jump> and <fork> will likely do in the final HTML.
It would be interesting to actually have a guideline when to
use what. This is especially important because in the absence
of frames there is no difference between the HTML behaviour
of <link> and <jump>, so it's anybodies guess what to do.
If guessed wrong, this will strike back later, for example
if a PDF file is generated from the projects xdocs, a <link>
will become an internal link, while <jump> and <fork>
probably will become external links.

For really big projects like Cocoon, use subproject instead
of project. I guess a single PDF containing the full Cocoon
docs will be a bit oversized.


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