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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: adding catalog support to the XMLValidate Ant task
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 05:04:21 GMT

Yes.  My intentions are indeed to add support for external OASIS catalogs
to Ant, both for <xslt> (aka <style>) and <xmlvalidate>.

It was alot of work and lots of changes, so I chopped the original
patch I submitted to ant-dev into two pieces.

The first piece (which _has_ been committed and is in 1.5Beta2)
updated the docs to point at the OASIS standard, added mucho tests,
and severely refactored the code so that adding in support for
OASIS catalogs will be a snap!

Now that this is in there, I will prepare a patch for the remainder
(ie 2 of 2) sometime in the next week.

The problem is that because we are in the "final beta" stage of 1.5
(to be released July 1) ordinarily ONLY bug fixes would be accepted.

Support for external OASIS catalogs will probably be viewed as
an enhancement, not a bug fix.  (heh, not by me :-)

However, if enough people from enough other projects would make
their wishes known, perhaps we could persuade the ant-dev committers
to let this enhancement into 1.5?

I personally think it is worth a try, b/c otherwise it gets committed
in the 1.6alpha which means that until 1.6 is released (god knows when)
you have to either use a daily build or download from CVS and build
your own.  yuk.

I already have the code ready; it is just a matter of applying it against
the latest CVS, testing the heck out of it, making patches, and submitting

If you like, I will CC you (and forrest-dev?) on the actual patch submission
email when I make it.  That way you can reference the URL from
mail-archives in any correspondence...



Steven Noels wrote:
>>From: Bruno Dumon []
>>Subject: Re: adding catalog support to the XMLValidate Ant task
>>On Sun, 2002-06-02 at 11:31, Steven Noels wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>>From reading the documentation of the XMLValidate task
>>>there seems to be support for entity catalogs - which is
>>nice. I've been
>>>trying however to have this target pointing to our catalog, and it
>>>appears to me that Ant wants to have its own catalog
>>syntax, inside the
>>>build file itself. Nicola, Stefan, is it possible to have this task
>>>refer to an externally defined entity catalog file
>>following the OASIS
>>There recently was a thread about this on xml-commons:
>>Apperently, someone's looking to integrate the resolver, but it isn't
>>there yet.
> Thanks, Bruno ;-)
> Craeg, any progress yet? Having 'real' catalog support in Ant would be
> very helpful for Forrest (
> </Steven>

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