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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: DocBook vs Open eBook
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 14:07:53 GMT

Ivelin Ivanov wrote:

>Does someone know the difference between these two standards initiatives:
>They both seem to have industry backing while at the same time overlap quite
>a bit.
>Also, why don't we use one of these two for our documentation instead of
>maintaining proprietary DTDs. There are tools on the market for WYWIWYG
>editing of both of these standards, which can make doc writing easier. And
>of course there are XLSTs for rendering to media from XHTML to voxml to PDF.

I have experience with docbook, and I would say stay away from docbook.
- docbook is for writing technical books
- docbook is huge and covering all the possible combinations (which Norm 
Walsh has done) is a pain to say the least.
- many ways to structure the XML and still be valid
- it (Norm's XSL) uses a hell of alot of includes

There is a simple version maintained by Norm. This might suit needs 
better, but, really it is for books - not websites.


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