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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Making Cocoon Forrest-ready
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 12:53:37 GMT
I'd like to start taking advantage of the great resources here at 
Forrest with Cocoon. A prior vote on the Cocoon list revealed no 
negative votes to the idea of adding only document-v11-based dtds to the 
Cocoon cvs. Because existing Cocoon docs are based on document-v10, I 
have not yet been able to use the howto dtd I contributed to Forrest for 
Cocoon How-Tos. Existing Cocoon How-Tos remain based on document-
v10.dtd, and early authors have shown a tendency to take a few 
liberties, given the lack of a specific howto dtd. I have been hesitant 
to commit such howtos (or revised faqs for that matter) to Cocoon's 
release branch or live site, or announce the doc effort, because I 
didn't want to have to spend my already limited time revising inevitable 
community contributions later. Still, I am eager to start publicly 
soliciting community contributions asap.

I'd like to gather feedback on a proposed way to begin a *partial* 
transition to Forrest readiness. I want to convert existing faqs and 
how-to content to be validated against document-v11.dtd compatible dtds. 
This effort would *not* include dealing with any other existing 
documentation, yet. With your feedback, I will then ask for additional 
comments on cocoon-dev.

1. Add the new dtds and entities where appropriate in C2 cvs (in 
src/documentation/xdocs/dtd and src/webapp/resources/entities)
2. Add (with different names or in different locations?) updated 
stylesheets for faq2document.xsl, document2html.xsl, etc.
3. Modify the sitemap  to process faqs and how-tos with updated 
stylesheet(s). This means, in part, explicit pipeline matchers, similar 
to what I contributed to Forrest. (I already have issues with what I 
contributed to Forrest, so expect a patch within a few days before I do 
anything with Cocoon community files.)
4. Modify existing faq and how-to xml content files



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