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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject redirects with static sites
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 19:10:35 GMT
Seems to me redirecting may be an issue for some future Forrest sites as 
they upgrade their documentation organization (and implement clean, but 
*different*, URI spaces). I starting dealing with this issue last 
weekend with Cocoon (the link to faq and XMLForm How-To docs changed), 
and I'd like to come up with a systematic (not ad-hoc) approach for 
future redirect needs.

What approach should be taken for handling redirects on 
statically-deployed sites generated by Forrest doc builds?

- Can we deploy an .htaccess file with such sites? If so, could we add a 
.htaccess file somewhere and simply copy it over to the proper location 
during the docs build? I suppose it could also be generated within the 
docs build (adding a new depends target) by transforming a redirect.xml 
file (with all redirect info) into an .htaccess text file.

- If the above isn't possible, are html files with meta refresh tags and 
accompanying text (with explicit anchor href to same refresh target) 
acceptable? If so, we could generate these during a docs build (again, a 
new target dependency). The target could transform a single redirect.xml 
file, using Xalan extension redirect function, generating all of the 
necessary files in the proper locations within the docs build.

- Something else?

Either way, designating redirects in a single file would be a lot easier 
to manage. IMO, it's important to keep old links alive for users.

Any thoughts, suggestions?



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