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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Cocoon docs transition report
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:45:56 GMT
Diana Shannon wrote:
Excellent stuff Diana. I will answer some other bits later.

> o----------o
> 1. We need to add jar.xml generation to Forrest docs build. John?
> 2. We're don't seem to be catching all @XXXX@ tokens (e.g. 
> released.version) in cocoon xdocs during build filtering

They are probably not defined in src/targets/project.xtarget

> 3. No time to look at example files.

Not sure what you mean here ... the final HTML that is produced?
If so yes, we need to spend time to be sure that most stuff is
properly handled. We can cope with minor glitches later.

> 4. What's going on with the header crumb trail? Is the @project-
> logo.href@ hard-coded as "" in the build 
> file or is my forrest.xgump file misconfigured?

They are hard-coded in Forrest's solitary
I recall someone suggesting creating snippet *.xtarget
fragments for each project. Job still to do.

> 5. Will cocoon-dev need to vote on the Forrest skin?

This is an interesting issue. I thought that each project
was going to provide their own skin, perhaps based on the
forrest-site/bert skin. I have never been clear on this
aspect ... what is Forrest, how broadly is its look-and-feel
to be applied.

> 6. Most relative doctype paths to dtd were stripped during 
> transformation because of v10-v11 changes. I assume we don't need 
> relative local paths anymore, given the new path capabilities of 
> validation with xmlcatalog.

We never did need relative paths for systemIdentifiers. The
equally excellent catalog entity resolver in Cocoon and Forrest
took care of it. However some people liked the belt-and-braces
for impoverished xml tools. I prefer to rely on an entity resolver.
These are XML Framework projects after all. Great to hear that
Ant is starting to use one too.

> 7. Several other issues, but I'm completely out of time to
> comment further.

Many thanks. There is plenty for us to go on with.

> I have some paid work to catch up with, so I won't be able to
> pick this up again for a few days. Hope the attachment comes
> through ok. Please holler otherwise.
> -- Diana

It was fine for me. Yes i am in the same situation but
will try to follow your work and give it a go myself.

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