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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: Cocoon docs transition report
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:22:05 GMT
Konstantin Piroumian wrote:
> Great work, Diana!!!
> As I remember, Bert has made some changes to the skin, like adding icons to
> the menu, fixing the current page indication and some more and as I remember
> we've decided to use that skin as default. But now I see that forrest-skin
> is default. Did I miss something and is it the intended behavior?
> For the Cocoon docs I'd like to see them generated using the fixed skin
> (from Bert)

No you did not miss anything ... forrest-site is still the
default skin. We did not ever get around to a vote yet. People
were going to use it for a while, then discuss it, then vote.

If you talking about Diana's demo site of the Cocoon run,
then yes, perhaps she forgot to do ./ docs
For the last few days i have been doing a little tidy up
of bert skin. I have also been looking at the old forrest-site
skin, the other skins, and the current Cocoon stylesheets, to
see if we have missed any important pieces. That often happens
when a new project gets a kick-start from other projects.

I am in the middle of tidying up the "basic" skin (but at
the moment i have torn my version).

Recently there was a small discussion that we should
reduce the number of skins to "bert" (=new forrest-site) and
"basic", then get rid of the others.

I also have a "minimal" skin. I used bert as a copy and
then worked backward to remove all the frilly bits. It is not
quite ready yet either.

We should continue the skin discussion back on the other

> For the Cocoon docs I'd like to see them generated using the
> fixed skin (from Bert)

Yes, i would like to see that too. Such a big doc collection
is a good test of the new skin. Diana gave us instructions
and resources so that we can do each do it locally.

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