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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: CVS: line-endings UNIX/DOS
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 09:42:27 GMT
Bert wrote:
> I do have tcl installed and the macro's work.  I like the prompt commands 
> better though.
> If you pipe to a file don't you get the diffs in 1 big file?? Is that 
> OK?  Can you submit all differences in 1 go?

Yes you can. Sometimes it is better to prepare individual
diffs and zip them up. Sometimes it is better to have
them all in one file. Just be careful - you can end up
including stuff in lower directories that you did not
intend to be patched.

> Sorry, but I haven't gotten 
> to reading the CVS manual yet, which is very chaotic to a newbie btw).

Start off small. The Cocoon doco has a basic intro.

>   There are some other reasons why I am switching to Linux though.
> 1) it's cool
> 2) something new to learn
> 3) my PIII 850MB, 256MB RAM machine (Dell Inspirun 8000) will fly instead 
> of crawl.  Win2K takes up 150MB just to start
> 4) I think that developing in Linux is easier for all this open source stuff
> 5) There's soo much in Linux I like better, plus I can still keep my Window 
> apps (using a trick or two)  The other way around takes up too much system 
> resources.
> 6) Finally getting control over my machine like the good old DOS days (man 
> I miss those days sometimes)
> Are there any reasons why I shouldn't move to Linux?  since I have only 
> beginners experience with Linux I might not have the complete picture.  Any 
> input is welcome.

I see no issues. You will love it. Linux has really
matured well.

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