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From "Konstantin Piroumian" <>
Subject Re: Forrest new style
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 20:41:03 GMT
From: "Bert Van Kets" <>

> Done!

Well done, Bert!

Again a little buzz from me:
    - the top level 'forrest' link has some 's' letter after the link
    - another mysterious 'S' appears above the first tab
    - I don't much like the new colors for visited and active links - the
first is a little out of the all color theme of the site, the second is too
dark and don't differ much from the content black text (this one is a matter
of taste, so feel free to ignore)

Now we definitely need a better book.xml and some cleanup in current books
    - do we need 'HowTos' in menu when we have a HowTos tab?
    - the same for ''
    - using the current HowTo directory structure we should duplicate the
same book.xml for all howto entries, otherwise menu will be of not much use,
e.g. :
h.html (here I'd prefer to see the parent menu with highlighted current
HowTo menu item).

> I have done the following:
> - add selected item to the menu
> - added external tag support in the menu
> - make the tabs functional
>      + add tabs.xml
>      + add tab2xhtml.xsl)
>      + add tab-cocoon-v10.dtd
>      + add tab-cocoon-v10.dtd to entity catalog
>      + add pipeline to sitemap and add aggregation part to *.html and
> - sorted out most of the CSS problems (text resizing remains)
> - add a label image to the menu since these are not dynamic
> - replaced : with > in the path at the top
> - move the "created with Cocoon" and "built with Krisalis Centipede"
> to first page
> - replaced h2 with h1 for the title (Diana do I still need to add some
> white space??)
> What needs to be added/changed:
> - make the links on the tabs independent of the build target (TMHO we need
> some code here :( )
> - make the top path depending on a site.xml file or some other source
> - make paging work

Hm... Does anybody have an idea on how to paginate the content? I know how
to do it when pages are placed in separate files, but how to split an XML
file into pages and keep it well-formed? It's definitely time to have a look
at Stefano's paginating transformer.

> - make the "selected item" function in sub menus (Cocoon has the same

Having a consolidated book.xml should solve this problem, isn't it?

> - Make the fonts scalable in CSS
> - add and incorporate a CSS class to the section titles to add some white
> space above them

I'd also make them bold.

> - make the menu dynamic (least important to me and not voted yet AFAIK)

AFAIR, I was the only seconder of dynamic menu (if you mean JS-dynamic). My
proposal was aimed at lengthy documents with multiple
chapters/sections/pages. Currently, I don't see a need for dynamic menu:
menus are too short and has only two levels and it'll be useless to make
them show/hide-able.

> - create a PURE html version of all stylesheets without any use of CSS
> - create a "build skin howto"
> Don't shoot me if I forgot something, just let me know. ;-)

We don't shoot anybody here, don't be afraid ;) and seems that you haven't
forgotten anything that is relevant for the first time.

Thanks for the good work!


> I think the current version is usable for the Forrest site.  If we sort
> the top path and the menu selection in the sub menus it's usable for the
> whole site.
> Take a look a it at  The zip and tar.gz
> files are updated but not complete yet.
> I will sort out all the files that need to be added/updated asap and
> this evening.
> Bert
> This mail is written in 100% recycled electrons.

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