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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RT] XSL structure across projects -- was -->Re: HTML/CSS and graphics
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 14:44:09 GMT
On Thu, 23 May 2002, Robert Koberg wrote:

> nevermind... I am ready the docs and checking out the directories - my 
> questions are being answered... sorry for the bother

There are some interesting thoughts in it however, so let me please try to 
comment on them.

> > Will projects create their own look and feel? Will all 
> > projects use the same XSL?

One of the design goals is to have a consistent look & feel for the entire 
XML apache site, so yes, let's assume this. I am preparing a forrest.xml 
descriptor file however, and I am assuming we have non-Forrest 
documentation parts, too (static HTML, i.e. JavaDoc as long as we don't do 
something with it ourselves). Another option would be that projects can 
choose their own skin, but that's in contrast with the original goals. 
Anyone comments on that? What about non-XML Apache projects?

My position would be to say: they have to build a Forrest *skin* if they 
don't like what we provide - not just a loose collection of XSLT 
stylesheets. We have to make sure skins external to Forrest can be used, 

> > If used across all xml-projects, and if they create their own L&F, 
> > what can they change (just CSS? XSL?)?

See above. Skin will be the unit of containment.

> > If they can create their own XSLT, perhaps there should be 
> > xml-apache-rules (already in place?) about xsl:include vs. xsl:import 
> > and/or using a priority attribute on a template rule to override the 
> > base set of XSL.

We should be cautious on xsl:import/include since this conflicts with 
stylesheet caching... same with the document() function - to be avoided if 
possible. Think about this before choosing a direction.

> > -- xsl:include used for things that should never be changed (examples: 
> > copyright, nav)
> > -- xsl:import used for things that can be overriden
> > -- or, perhaps just have the project create a high priority on a 
> > template rule so they override the base set. This makes me think of 
> > another question:
> > Is there some facility in place (or planned) to check a project 
> > directory and see if they have XSL that should be used to override the 
> > base set?

As above, I will add a skin parameter to forrest.xml to addresses this.

> > -- (perhaps this has already been said??) I suggest including a 
> > 'global_definitions.xsl' (or named whatever) from each of the project 
> > sites into a base set of XSL. A project has control over the file and 
> > can include/import/prioritize anyway they want - within the rules.
> > -- there would also be a global_defintions.xsl for each of the 
> > projects in the base set of XSL. These import/include all of the 
> > common XSL. make sense?
> >


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