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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: file naming convention
Date Sun, 05 May 2002 21:02:27 GMT
Diana wrote:

> If so, then
> I'd rather err on the side of usefulness given the limited
> lifetime of
> the documents in question.


and if we would use numbers in URI's to pinpoint a certain version of a
resource, we should clearly label those numbers as being version
attributes, e.g.<forrest-project>/manual/overview/v1.2

or the like.

Another nice example is,
equivalent to

As per extensions: the main problem here is using them in hyperlinks,
i.e. <a href="/<forrest-project>/faqs/jboss.html">, which does or
doesn't make sense when consuming a resource with a specific UA.

Looking at the W3C website, most public URI's are extension-less, i.e., which is equivalent to, or
being equivalent to

Can we presume that an off-line crawler is a UA that is able to
negotiate HTML renditions of a resource to be fetched, and as such saves
them using an *.html extension?

Apart form this, this versioning info inside URL's worries me a bit,
since I'd prefer to keep track of document revision control using CVS,
and possibly ViewCVS for publicizing documents not ready for prime time:

Although I'm perfectly happy to use infra-document metadata for that,
too, my only hesitation is that it is easier to forget increasing a
version attribute in XML, than circumventing the automatic versioning of

Ideas, folks?


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