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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: new demo document-v11
Date Sun, 12 May 2002 18:35:32 GMT
Hi David,

> > An interesting thing happened in Forrest today. I was enthused
> > with getting the FAQ started and went to commit. Silly me
> > had not updated first. Anyway, after 'cvs update' my build failed.

Could you be more precise? Where did it fail?

> > I tracked it down to your mods to document2html.xsl wherein
> > there is a new match for "jump".  Of course the generated FAQ
> > document is full of jump elements. Something breaks there,
> > probably due to the "action" attribute. I realise that
> there is still
> > work required on the other stylesheets, e.g. faq2document.xsl
> >
> > I was not sure which approach to take. Whether to hold back
> > on committing the FAQ stuff, or to simply comment out the match
> > for jump. I took the latter approach, assuming that it will not be
> > too long before we can fix it. I thought of just copying the matches
> > from the old document2html.xsl in Cocoon, but not sure what
> > your plans are.

I just treated jump, fork and link the same way - basically because I
didn't really knew what the difference was ;-)

> > I remember getting very confused by the jump element (and fork
> > and connect) when i started writing a big doc for Cocoon.
> > I wanted a little table-of-contents at the top to jump to relevant
> > sections below. So confused that i resorted to using simple
> > <link href="#anchor"> which worked OK.

Well, yes. I don't like the jump neither, and maybe building a TOC
should be the concern of the stylesheet, and not the document author...

Anyway, I patched document2html and faq2document some more to bring them
in line with the document-v11.dtd, please cross-check.



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