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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: double height?
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 07:04:06 GMT
> From: David Crossley []
> Steven Noels wrote:
> > John Morrison wrote:
> >
> > > Does anybody else see the light-blue margin just above the
> > > title "Mailing List Archive"
> > > (http://localhost:8080/xml-forrest/mail-archives.html)
> > > to be twice (approx ;) of any of the other's? (eg
> > > http://localhost:8080/xml-forrest/mail-lists.html)
> >
> > It's an issue caused by the use of colspans in our tables.
> I had some very
> > senior graphic designer look into it, and she advised me to
> redo the
> > layout using nested tables instead. Work ahead for us ;-)
> However, i recall us having a discussion about the horrors
> of nested tables. I cannot remember if that was here or on
> cocoon-dev.

I trust her judgment without reservation. She said we'd never get
cross-browser page fidelity if we use merged cells, and that we really
should stick to nested tables. Unfortunately, she has no time to help us
out :-(

> WIth this issue that John raises, i see another/different cause.
> It is because the page has minimal content. To prove this i
> simply added a <ul> with about 20 dummy <li> which filled
> up the page. The top light-blue margin is back to normal.

That doesn't make sense to me, sorry. Your analysis is correct, but we
can't establish a rule stating you should have at least 10 lines of text
in each document ;-|


Getting back to nested tables? I did some cross-browser testing on w2K
and linux - pages look quite similar on all these platforms. So just
fixing this little problem would avoid us going for nested tables.

Anyone any ideas?


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