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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: work-in-progress + vote
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 21:05:20 GMT
Nicola wrote:

>  [nicolaken  +1 ]  let's create ourselves a public website
> I agree totally.

couldn't be happier :-)

> - I'm in the process of updating the stuff to the latest
> forrest.cent and
> have forrest _finally_ manage its own cent build *and* distribution
> repository. The sitemap merge showed very little differences,
> I should be
> ready very soon.

ooooh, even more joy in my life :-D

any idea when you'll be able to commit?

> - We need an xml file that contains the list of the projects
> that Forrest
> builds and the infos on where the docs are and where to
> update to. This
> means that Forrest itself needs to update the running live websites.
> How can this be done from a technical POV?

Primary focus is putting our site up, and hopefully afterwards have some
people thinking with us on this.

As far as a testing environment is concerned, you know we have
everything in place. Andy send me over the poibot stuff he uses for the
POI website, but I'd like to have some shell script guru on board before
we go live.

There's just lots of issues ahead of us (think of projects who don't
want Forrest building its website, or only partially - we should support
these, too), so I'd prefer going as incremental as possible. Another
issue is the 'frontpages', i.e. the non-project specific entry pages of
the site (those who lack all the interesting tidbits Jakarta has) - I'd
like to add these too.

If you are able to migrate us to Centipede 1.0 RC 3.14159, that would
already be great and another thing not to worry about anymore. I was
also thinking of crash-upgrading other projects, i.e. doing the
transition to the new DTD's and src/documentation hierarchy for them.

For the production system, we'll have to negotiate with :-) I prefer to do this after we have thoroughly
tested this on our test infrastructure, and have a no-brainer tarball to
install on Nagoya or the like. Given the fact they use Eyebrowse for the
new mail archives (still a bit slow if you ask my opinion), I assume
Java hosting on ASF equipment becomes a viable option.


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