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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [Wings] charting development
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 20:48:44 GMT

> > Keiron is proposing to contribute his own unnamed code to Wings, I
> > believe...
> Would it be better placed in the Cocoon project (third party if
> necessary)?  I know *I* could use it for some of the project's I'm
> involved with...

Hm. I definitely have more control over what is being added to Forrest

We are working on some book.xml replacement and I will add that to
Forrest if no-one protests, too.

Seriously: if this stuff is useful for Forrest, maybe they will better
be taken care of within Forrest - I don't have too much time left to
explore Krysalis/Cocoon scratchpad/contrib areas.

> > Wings itself is situated at
> >
> currently, but doesn't offer any XML i/o as far as I understand.
> an XML input to a charting package would be cool and alleviate some of
> the Forrest burdens, I guess...

> come to that, does wing's plug into Cocoon or Krysalis/Centipede?

Not that I know, but Nicola will sure answer that ;-)

Wings uses Centipede, but that's another issue.


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