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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: browser tests
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 10:16:21 GMT
Hi guys,

not much time, so I'm going to be brief and bold:

- this project has been lingering until a week or 2/3 ago, where a
number of people found or created free time to finally get this thing
rolling - I'm quite sure that there was an equal chance of Forrest
getting shelved, such as Xang and the like. As is always the case with
these little meritocracies, only those who come up with something
tangible can be subject to evaluation, praise or critics. Simply
providing feedback without tangible patches, other than showing your own
level of expertise in that domain, will demotivate those who actually
contribute. The only way of expressing your competence in this
environment is through factual contributions that can be reviewed by the
others - let's just leave the wordy touchy-feely motivational (?) or
preaching (!) mails to me & David ;-)

- this project will be of paramount visibility across XML Apache
projects: we'll be redoing the look & feel and architecture of a fairly
busy website - so we don't need to go for the latest & greatest in
technology (XHTML+CSS2), but for a format that renders best in a wide
variety of browsers - and hopefully if we provide a good first
impression, we'll get access to browser stats that will prove this

- This thing has been announced in December of last year
2), and Stefano has done some iterations of the proposed layout
(, and there was plenty of time
discussing and reaching a consensus then. I think reiterating that
entire discussion is a waste of time, honestly.

- There's politics involved, and others watching over our shoulders. If
we like what we are doing right now, and do not want to go back to
Anakia or Stylebook, or being squashed by Maven, we better move on,
then. This is XP to-the-extreme, so there will always be the chance of a
next iteration. But if we fail to provide a first release, there will be
no foundation to grow this next iteration upon.


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