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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject FW: mirroring
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 06:37:55 GMT
Some interesting analysis forwarded from

We should create light-weight pages, too!


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[]On Behalf Of Greg Ames
Sent: donderdag 23 mei 2002 23:52
To: infrastructure
Subject: Re: mirroring

Joshua Slive wrote:

> One solution is to forget about mirroring the websites and only mirror
> software distributions.  This is much simpler, and should drastically
> reduce the bandwidth requirements for  How much?  I
> tell you that without doing some log analysis.

I went thru yesterday's log from daedalus and added up the bytes sent
per URL.
The top 20 culprits are attached.  It supports your thoughts about
mirroring the

One surprise was seeing (the doc root) show up. The
contains over 157,000 GETS for jakarta's / at around 33K bytes each when
actually serve it.

> 2. Move the projects which currently have their own dist/ directory
> the directory.  Note that we tried this once
> with jakarta, and it crashed badly.  The problem was that jakarta has
> of stuff under builds/ including nightly builds and other garbage.

I wonder if moving just the builds/jakarata-*/release/ stuff to would be more managable?

xml has a couple of its own dist/ directories with popular files.


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