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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject [vote] image location
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 07:27:17 GMT
We have been discussing the location of project-related images and it
seems there are various opinions + some nuisances inside the current
Cocoon 'crawler'...

There are currently 2 options IMHO:

 * a project-specific image directory
     preferably located at src/documentation/content/images
     matched by the following pattern images/**.{gif|jpg|png}
     read from content/xdocs/images/{1}.{gif|jpg|png}
     + a special matcher for skin-specific images

 * leave the choice to the user
     located at src/documentation/content... (anywhere)
     matched using **.{gif|jpg|png}
     read from content/{1}.ext
     + have that special matcher setup for skin-specific images
       (as it is now the case)

Rationale (and my opinion):

We don't want to put too much constraints on the projects willing to
adopt Forrest, I guess, so I'd say we leave that choice to the user - if
he decides to have a central image directory in
src/documentation/content/images, OK, if he doesn't, fine by me. So my
preference would be option 2, unless Nicola says this will cause
Ant-related problems (dunnow).

Your votes + opinions please:

[  ] have a fixed project-specific image directory defined in the
[  ] the location of project-specific images is a user-option

Of course, this doesn't solve the issue Nicola mentioned, we need to
further investigate that.


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