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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [Wings] charting development
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 18:58:13 GMT

this could be of interest for the charting stuff needed for Forrest
( we plan to provide visitors with number of downloads, commits, mails, etc...
preferably also in a graphical presentation. We have been trying to do
some direct XML2SVG using XSLT but that is painful at best.

Could your stuff be packaged as a Cocoon component? Is there some place
where we can take a look at it?



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> Sent: maandag 13 mei 2002 10:54
> To: krysalis-dev
> Subject: [Wings] charting development
> Hi,
> I feel I am going offtopic here with all this activity for
> centipede. I
> have no idea what it is all about but it looks like great things are
> being done!
> Anyway. I am here to talk about wings. I have developed a simple
> charting engine that takes xml and converts it into svg.
> It looks like wings could be a good starting point future development.
> The relevant and independant parts are:
> - xml markup to describe charts
> - internal data structures for data
> - classes to convert the data into charts (into svg or other format)
> - configuration, such as colours, styling etc.
> So is xml input within the scope of wings. Is the wings project
> specified or is everything still up in the air (accidental pun).
> As there is not much on the website yet I presume that some
> people have
> lots of ideas in their head, can you tell us some brief information to
> get an idea of what is planned?
> Thanks,
> Keiron Liddle

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