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From "John Morrison" <>
Subject RE: new community section
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 11:11:42 GMT
> From: Steven Noels []
> No luck :-(
> as in: "patch -p3 -u --dry-run < diffs" ?
> Same errors...
> Could this be a line endings problem? Are you successful on your side?

I haven't tried I'm afraid.  Too busy atm rebuilding a laptop.

I wonder; I have problems with CVS/PATCH, so do you and
I had a similar conversation with Konstantin.  It makes me
wonder if that's why there are so many patches building up in
the Cocoon list... people don't know how to patch them.

It might be worth adding this info to a general how to use FAQ
when you work it out.

I'll (hopefully) be in a position to have a play in a couple
of hours (need to reinstall OS/Apps too).

Good Luck ;)


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