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Subject RE: Quick comparison between centipede and Maven
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 01:05:57 GMT

Mavelets == Maven Plug-ins.

They are extra functionality added to Maven, beyond the base and are
effectively 'take or leave' functionality - some users will want it, others

We're currently in the process of documenting how the j2ee plug-in works,
so that others can use it as an example.

As for skinning the site, Maven's direction has been to have it's own
style/content with no 'skinning' ability for consistency and simplicity
purposes. Things like forrest, for example, are planned to be done as a

So that the maven:docs will *always* be maven generated and consistent,
whereas maven:forrest-docs would be totally under forrests control. If you
wish to have your own site look and feel, the recommended way at the moment
is to write a plug-in and bootstrap maven so it is integrated. Longer term
we hope to make the bootstrap process go away, and the plug-ins be
distributed as standalone jars.

At the moment the forrest guys don't feel they're ready to be 'plugged-in'
to Maven - Is this a fair comment? - so we're waiting on them in that
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

                    James Taylor                                                         
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                    05/09/02 10:47       Subject:     RE: Quick comparison between centipede
and Maven             
                    Please respond                                                       
                    to "Turbine                                                          

> Do you know what the "mavelets" are meant to address?  Would I
> be able to add in my own skin for my own site with them?

dIon or Glenn might be better able to explain it, but I can give you an
illustrative example: currently there is work being done on mavelet
which will allow packaging of web applications.

No it will not allow you to skin your site. That is a different issue:
we have chosen not to allow you to do that, though it could be easily
done with a property.

This is not a choice I agree with, however we have all decided to table
the discussion until Jason returns from vacation since he is the biggest
proponent of the other viewpoint. (To be clear, I agree that allowing
skinning is incongruous with the goals of maven, but considering the
demand it is an area where a compromise may be justified).


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