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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: [Patch]: Addition for howto-cvs-ssh.xml
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 12:13:58 GMT
Good doc :)

Just a couple of things; 2401 is cvs's port, 22 is ssh.  If you are using
cvs, or anything for that matter, over ssh you only need port 22 open
on a firewall.

If you need anonymous cvs access you need 2401.

Cygwin isn't a prerequisite for a linux machine ;) and "Setting up domain
is only of use with cygwin.

Perhaps it would be better to have:

1. Intro to commit status
2. Windows Tools
2.1 WinCVS
2.2 Cygwin
2.2.1 Domain users
3. SSH access


Anyway, the information's there, although we possibly should say
that having an empty passphrase isn't recommended :D

You might also want to remove the lines

$ ssh -l userxxx -L 2401:localhost:2401

and just use

$ ssh


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