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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject RE: new skin
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 12:11:24 GMT
> From: Bert Van Kets [] 
> I've updated the skin, you can see/download the new version at 
> ><snip>
> >Looks good here (WinNT 4.0, IE 5.5).
> >I've took a look at the HTML in DreamWeaver - it seems that 
> you had hard
> >times with all that small adjusting images (one image, to be 
> exact). Great
> >job, Bert! Are your skins ready to be committed?
> I use dreamweaver as an editor, but hand code all the html (incl. 
> tables).  Actually XMLSpy is even better at coding html, but 
> then you don't 
> have the preview part or all the extra features like link 
> checking and 
> ftp.  I must install 1st page again.  I've been using that 
> for a long time too.

Yes, XMLSpy is much better for hand coding. Maybe they can be used together
- you can use Xspy as an external HTML editor in DreamWeaver.

> >A few suggestions:
> >         - I'd suggest to make the 'HowTos' a tab to show 
> how the page look
> >like with more than one tab
> done
> >         - modify the stylesheet to display the current tab 
> and the current
> >menu item (tell me if you need help with this one)
> not done yet since this implies some sitemap and parameter 
> tweaking.  My 
> current ETA for this is Monday.
> >A minor corrections:
> >         - originally, section names in menu were also white 
> and bold. Black
> >on blue is not read well.
> done.  There is some final tweaking to do on the CSS.  I 
> don't like the way 
> the menu behaves at the moment.  There's also too much 
> mixture of CSS and 
> font tags.  

And another thing came out with the white links - now inactive tab looks not
very good with white text. Originally, those links were the same color as
the menu background (see the page.html in resources/layout/
And the section titles where also differently colored. But this will require
to modify the CSS again.

A minor bug: an 'X' letter is appeares before the all non-external links in

The bold on and the dark red are not 
> good.  I've got 
> to come up with an alternative.

The bold is definitely bad, cause in several cases it mangles the layout
when the link is clicked (make a line to wrap, etc.).

> >         - you don't have a space between 'by' and 'Steven'
> Done, was due to pretty printing the XSL file.
> >         - the content font seems to me a little larger than it was
> >originally - it can be a matter of taste, but, IMO, Verdana 
> fonts are not
> >read good when the size is more than 10pt.
> Done, the default font was indeed set to Vedana in CSS.  I've 
> removed.  Now 
> the fonts are Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif.  Looks a lot 
> better.  If you 
> check the HTML you will see that I incorporated Arial 
> everywhere.  The 
> Verdana is an unfortunate inheritance.  Anyway: solved
> >         - you don't have the copyright sign (you know where)
> Done
> >         - some tables on the 'primer' page are too wide and cause a
> >horizontal scrolling to appear on my 1024 È 768 resolution display
> Setting the Arial font corrected this a little.  I've changed 
> the CSS code 
> so that the font is 0.75 em of the default font.  Lots better.

Now the 'note' and 'table' content uses larger font. They whould be smaller
than the content font size. Previous version was more correct with it.

> I've have also incorporated an external link feature in the 
> book2html.xsl.  Change the menu tag to external and the 
> target="_blank" 
> property will be added to the <a href>

Yes, that makes sense.

> I'll send a diff patch when the dynamic menu system is done.



> Bert
> >Regards,
> >   Konstantin
> >
> >P.S. Dream models site now looks much better. Nice pictures! ;)
> >I see three icons at the right side of the page caption, but 
> they don't have
> >links. Is it Ok?
> Yep, they will be activated as soon as the content is placed. 
>  I'm very 
> much preoccupied with Cocoon related stuff (incl. forrest) to get to 
> putting content in my RC models site.  One day, it will be 
> running.  Probably when I'm retired. ;-)

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