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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject RE: new community section
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 15:09:03 GMT
> From: Diana Shannon [] 
> Forrest friends,
> Attached are proposed new files (and modifications for existing ones 
> created as unified diff) designed to ease integration of community 
> document submissions into existing project sites. The basic directory 
> structure:
> - xdocs
>    - community

Is this intended to be a new 'Community' tab in the tabbed menu (near the

>       - tutorial
>       - snippet
>       - howto
>          - book.xml
>          - index.xml

What's the conceptual difference between index.xml and book.xml? One of
these can be generated automatically from the other, isn't it? Or both can
be generated using the same source.

>           - bugzilla-patch
>               - book.xml
>               - howto-bugzilla-patch.xml
>               - revision-howto-bugzilla-patch-2002-10-1.xml

I don't much like the idea of directory-like file names, isn't it better to
have a 'revsions' directory and place all the revisions there. It's also
possible that there be more then one revision in one day and some other
identifier will be needed to identify the file. 

>               - my-images

Why not simply 'images'?

>                    - screen.gif
> This allows all contributions to be modular, which in turns 
> means they 
> are
>    - simple to create: authors have access to a complete template 
> directory with everything they need,
>    - simple to commit: just add new directory (with contribution) to 
> correct parent directory (howto, snippet, tutorial) and modify 
> corresponding book.xml and index.xml of parent, and
>    - simple to revise: committers can add community revisions 
> patches to 
> any page without analyzing. They just add patch as separate file in 
> proper directory with name beginning "revision-filename-...". 

HowTos can be quite short and simple documents without additional images or
so and having a separate directory for every case is a little superflous.
Can there be several HowTos in the same directory?

I've just finished John's CVS through SSH HowTo creation and looking for the
proper place for it. Would be fine if we could agree on the structure today.


> Links to 
> this file's content get aggregated to document content based on 
> directory generator results. The idea behind this is we can 
> include as 
> many revisions as often as necessary. Later on, time permitting, the 
> author or committer/editor can roll them into updated documents.
> I've included only howtos, but the sitemap can handle all 
> other types of 
> future contributions (tutorials, snippets, etc.) I included three 
> example how-tos: single-page, multiple-page with revisions, 
> single-page 
> with image. These three variations helped me tweak the dtd and howto 
> stylesheet further. You'll find here an excellent how-to written by 
> David on the bugzilla patch process. I realize the multi-page 
> howto on 
> xmlform isn't relevant to Forrest specifically, but I wanted 
> to work on 
> something I also needed for Cocoon.
> There are probably more elegant ways to accomplish this, but I think 
> you'll get the picture of what I'm trying to achieve. If this 
> works for 
> Forrest, I'll make up template directories with template files and 
> instructions included. I'd like to use this approach for Cocoon asap.
> I hope I provided all necessary files in good form. Thanks for your 
> feedback and revisions.
> Diana
> P.S. Please note this weekend is a three-day holiday in the 
> States. I'm 
> going to stay away from my computer for that time and get my garden 
> planted :-)

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