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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject Wish/Dream List for Document DTD
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 09:12:20 GMT
Hi all!

This is the summary of the discussion between me and Steven on the additions
to the document format. Ideas were inspired by my rewriting of some Cocoon
docs into v11 format. So here they are:

1. Special formatting for text.

	1.1 Text highlighting element (as it was proposed in the
resources/layout/ The name of the element is not
defined yet (proposed 'hi' was considered not very good). Other proposals
are welcome. This formatting can be used to catch readers attention to
particular parts of the text.

	1.2 Strike out text formatting. Proposal: '<strike>' (as HTML). This
can be used to display deprecated class names or so.

	1.3 Advanced version of the 1.1: special styling for some elements
(table, th, tr, td, p, simple text, etc.). This can be achieved by adding
'class' to common attributes (predefined class values can have semantical
meaning, like: 'deprecated' or 'highlight'). I need it to mark some markup
elements of i18n transformer as deprecated (there is a table of the elements
with links to details and it'd be fine to color the rows with deprecated
elements in a different way and strikeout the names of elements).

	1.4 Custom styles for particular document. This can be achieved by
adding a reference to a CSS file from inside of the document. This will also
allow to have custom styles for elements with 'id' and usage of user defined
styles. Example.: I want to display a list of supported locales using one
coloring for locales with the same language, but a different country code
(en_GB, en_US). I could use <li id="en">US Locale</li> and <li id="en">UK

Notice: I realize that this breaks the semantical purpose of the DTD, but
it's hard to beleive that having only semantical markup is enough to satisfy
all the possible needs for real documents. 

2. Links/References

	2.1 Links to resources that are not present at the build time break
the build. Any good idea on how to solve this? Maybe a matcher in sitemap
that return nothing or something like: <document>Will be added

	2.2 Jumps between document content. E.g.: in the list of supported
markup elements for a transformer it is needed to have jumps to the details
for that elements. Currently I've used special anchors near the section
names with the details. Having some automagics here would be fine.

	2.3 XPointer-ish syntax for referencing other xdocs/content (this
one is really an RT, didn't thought how this can be performed).

3. Special content/formatting

	3.1 It would be fine to provide syntax highlighting for the <source>
elements. Say: <source type="xml" /> or <source type="java" /> (maybe <code>
element also can concidered). It obvious, that source is better read when
it's colored in a reader-friendly manner. Some ideas on implementation: 
		- special transformer (like FragmentExtractorTransformer)
that will process <source> elements and present them in some intermediate
XML (that can be trasnformed to HTML using XSLT) or immediately transform to
the result format using a parameter
		- use something like <cinclude:include
src="cocoon:/format/sample.xml/?type=source" />, but this will require some
transformer to pass the actual source text to a the formatting pipeline.
		- no other idea yet: yours are welcome

4. Form elements.

	4.1. E.g.: search and feedback forms, etc. This can be used even now
using 'action' attributes in forms referencing external dynamic resources
(Google, forums, etc.).

That's all for now. More to come as I move on working on the docs.

Best regards,

Konstantin Piroumian
Lead Developer

Protek LLC, UK
Phone: + 7 095 795 0520 * 1288
Fax: + 7 095 795 0525

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