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From Chris Bentley <>
Subject Re: no more Quirks Mode (Was: GUI Design: Cold sweat)
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 03:59:58 GMT
> At 13:30 28/05/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>>> From: David Crossley []
>>> I have one question for the list. The last stylesheet
>>> in our documentation pipeline is "site2xhtml.xsl".
>>> I presume that the intention is to output XHTML. So i
>>> am aiming for DTD XHTML Transitional. Does that sound OK?
>>> If it gets too hard, then i am going to back down and go
>>> for DTD HTML 4.2 to get something started.
>>> Anyway, i just thought that i would let you know what
>>> i am up to.
>> I would withhold that effort until Bert has finished updating the
>> forrest-site skin generating the new HTML that he is working on.
> I second that.  Since the output will be generated by Forrest it's of no
> use to put a doctype in the page.  Content and other stuff will also be a
> factor to keep in mind.

> I must admit that some things that are discussed in this thread are pretty
> new to me.  I have never worried about doctypes and always used the
> standard HTML transitional.  Maybe I'm in an all new ball game and should
> start worrying now.

It's new to everyone!..
It's purpose was to be able to deploy the new browsers without breaking old
by not using a DOCTYPE you are telling IE6, IE5mac to emulate IE4/5
rendering and Mozilla to emulate NS4 rendering.. which I think is what you

the main trap is setting widths and heights on Block elements - avoid it
until you feel its needed as a solution.. then proceed with caution...

if you look at this page in Mozilla/Netscape7 you can see an extreme example
of some possible effects. compare it with IE.

* David, I raised this issue before Bert was coding.. the HTML-CSS I
originally saw was going to break (it already had, its just that you
couldn't see it) - I felt I should speak up. Bert threw out the old code -
problem solved.. Quirks mode is being used as a Feature now, it's no longer
a problem.


>> Bert, do you have an ETA?
> I'll do my best to have the skin ready by Friday.  I have been at the
> funeral of my father in law today, so things are a bit crazy here.  I have
> to use my spare time to get it done, so it depends on how quickly I can
> migrate my HTML to XSL using the existing XSL. Actually I'm using *all* my
> spare time to get it done at the moment.
>> Nice work, guys!
> Thanks,
> Bert
>> </Steven>

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