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From Chris Bentley <>
Subject Re: some Forrest pages are browser killers
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 05:45:22 GMT
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> From: "David Crossley" <>
>>> Something in the primer document is a browser killer !!!
>>> No trouble with Mozilla on Linux. However, when i use
>>> Netscape 4.78 on Linux ... boom ... instant death during
>>> reading of the HTML. It did not even start to render the
>>> page ... Netscape just vanished.
>>> I have only seen it happen with two pages:
>>> primer.html and document-v11.html
>>> I have no clues as to why.

Forgive me for barging in, I'm a complete newbie here and it was my
intention to, as suggested on the Forrest introduction page, lurk and learn
for a while before putting my foot in it, but I may be a able to help you.

My name is Chris.. you can read about me here <>

I had a quick look at the source of  'document-v11.html'...  some versions
of Netscape 4.x will crash when confronted with nested DIVs inside table
cells, and variations on this theme (especially when combined with some


 - this document contains such a condition and it may be this which causes
you Linux ugliness - in any case this is likely to crap-out some pre- 4.6
dot versions on Mac and Windows... the variations in conditions and versions
of Netscape which throw up very weird bugs are reasonably unpredictable..
hacking a fix for one may break another. - best to start with nice
straightforward compliant code and have a plan.

Just bare in mind that the Netscape 4 rendering engine  is a hackfest whose
code origins date back to Netscape 2 and before and was rushed to market to
stave off IE 4's release, I speak from some experience when I warn you that
if you continue to write HTML in the style that I have just read in
'document-v11.html' you are bound for some more 'clueless' nights ahead.

There are some other problems with the design of the HTML in this page which
will cause you cross browser headaches even on the latest 'compliant'
browsers depending on how serious you get with your CSS.

If you would like, I am happy to spend the weekend going though this List's
archives to see what discussions you may of had in regard to presentation
layer requirements and try and figure out enough CSV to enable me to look at
some more source so I can bring you a more informed view - please let me
know if you want me to do this.

cheers and apologies if I've been out of order,
Chris Bentley

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