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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject RE: new skin
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 09:33:10 GMT
At 13:10 31/05/2002 +0400, you wrote:
> > From: Bert Van Kets []
> >
> > I have created a "bert" skin and built the forrest site with it.
> > You can see the result at
> > Some adjustments still need to be done to CSS.
> > I did not add any extra functionality like automatic path are
> > paging _yet_.
> > The page is compliant to CSS1 and almost to W3C HTML
> > transitional.  I only
> > need to get rid of some linefeeds at the bottom of the page.
> > Check it out and let me know if it's ok.
>Looks good here (WinNT 4.0, IE 5.5).
>I've took a look at the HTML in DreamWeaver - it seems that you had hard
>times with all that small adjusting images (one image, to be exact). Great
>job, Bert! Are your skins ready to be committed?
>A few suggestions:
>         - I'd suggest to make the 'HowTos' a tab to show how the page look
>like with more than one tab

I'll do that now and link that tab to the howto menu item.

>         - modify the stylesheet to display the current tab and the current
>menu item (tell me if you need help with this one)

That was indeed the next step.  I will use the "Cocoon way" to do this, no 
prob.  Done it before.

>A minor corrections:
>         - originally, section names in menu were also white and bold. Black
>on blue is not read well.

k, I'll add a font tag here.  The non CSS guys must be able to read it too.

>         - you don't have a space between 'by' and 'Steven'

hmm, weird.  I did not touch the index.xml file.  I'll check it out.

>         - the content font seems to me a little larger than it was
>originally - it can be a matter of taste, but, IMO, Verdana fonts are not
>read good when the size is more than 10pt.

Minor CSS adjustment here.  The content is CSS based, where as the skin is 
HTML based.  We could do a complete HTML version too, but then I will have 
to redo the document2html.xsl file.  I'll do that when we move to a pure 
html version.

>         - you don't have the copyright sign (you know where)

I'll add it.  I don't know why it's gone. I did move the static part of the 
footer text out of the javascript, otherwise non-JS browser don't see 
anything in the footer.

>         - some tables on the 'primer' page are too wide and cause a
>horizontal scrolling to appear on my 1024 È 768 resolution display

Yep, problem with the content.  I'm on 1600x1200 on my laptop, so I did not 
have a problem with it.  There's a <PRE> part that's too wide.  I'll have 
to modify the font size in CSS.

Update VERY soon ;-)


>   Konstantin
>P.S. Dream models site now looks much better. Nice pictures! ;)

Design by my friend Frederic.  I'm trying to get him to create a skin ;-)

>I see three icons at the right side of the page caption, but they don't have
>links. Is it Ok?
> > Bert
> >
> > This mail is written in 100% recycled electrons.
> >

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