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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: Forrest HTML
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 16:56:47 GMT

>>I don't agree since you will be getting a VERY false image on browser 
>>use.  Let me give an extreme example:  You have a page that is only 
>>viewable on IE.  How many Netscape hits do you think you will get?
>>We must start out with the most common delimiter starting from a certain 
>>browser version
>How have you determined what that is without viewing some current site 
>stats or doing User profiling?

If you go that way, you have the chicken-and-the-egg problem.  You can only 
get  a *correct* browser version and type you have to target once the site 
has been running for a while wile being compatible with ALL of them. If you 
don't do this, you will never get correct stats.
It's a hard way to go, but it can make a world of difference in user visits.

>>  and a certain group of browser types (IE4, NS 4.08 Opera5 and Lynx 
>> 2.4).  Only after a certain period of time will the server stats tell of 
>> we can upgrade our technology.
>also I can help you with testing I have 3 macs and a win2k box which
>I can install any OS between 8.0 and 9.1 on the older Mac but need to keep 
>IE5 installed on the Win2k box on OS X on my other macs, but I
>have pretty much every major browser release for the Macs going back to 
>Netscape 2... I suspect your Mac User profile might be a OS X only zone. :)

Thanks for the offer.  I'm almost done with the pure HTML version.  I'll 
let the list know as soon as I have something online.  There are some 
pretty complex nested tables in the page, but it shows up perfectly in 
Netscape 4.08 while being  scaleable in text and browser size!


>cheers, Chris

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