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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: Referring to ressources and Topic Maps
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 14:16:07 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Thinking out loud...
> It looks like the XML version of a Wiki text. Could it be possible 
> that a set of xdocs and the associated topic map could be 
> automatically generated from a Wiki base ?
I have an example that has served me well. It is pretty simple in 
concept, but can let you manage many things in the transformation. Every 
transformation is applied against a the site.xml document below. I use a 
transformation to find the page nodeset and folder nodeset to get the 
pertinent info to bring everything together. A few more things:
- a ContentHandler can figure out the first page of the site on entry by 
going to the root folder and finding it's @index_page.
- the nav is setup in a way similar to what I posted a few days ago 
where you recurse over the data to find paths to (virtual or not) pages.
- columns are left in to indicate a page layout. Empty columns can be 
- content can cascade down from the folder level to all pages in the folder
- convenience information is stored as attributes at the page and folder 
- XSLs can be set at the folder level for a page to default to or can be 
overriden at the page level
- I go back and forth on this, but, currently, I only generate something 
that has the @gen=true and @status=certified
- article XML is placed in order in a column on the page (folder content 
on top)
- article XML refences a content piece by filename and ID
[see content.xml below the following]
- content is ordered in content.xml as a mirror to folders in site.xml 
to allow for some organization of the content for reresentation in a GUI
- more comments inline in the content.xml example below
* it might be too much of a pain to edit something like this without a 
GUI... but it allows for easy GUI creation and is easy for  a non 
technical person to understand because it is like their filesystem.
<config id="www_1_0" title="liveSTORYBOARD" subtitle="website" 
use_tool_style="1" nav_col="narrow_left">
  <folder id="f1" index_page="pindex" display_label_link="true" 
xsl_fileref="basic-3col.xsl" label="Home" name="en_us" pager="false" 
snailtrail="true" gen="false" status="certified">
     <col type="narrow_left"/>
      <col type="wide_center"/>
     <col type="narrow_right"/>
     <page file_ext=".html" id="pindex" display_label_link="true" 
xsl_fileref="default" label="Home" title="Welcome to liveSTORYBOARD" 
toc="false" metadata="false" gen="false" status="editorial">
        <col type="narrow_left"/>
        <col type="wide_center">
           <art_xml id="cindex.xml"/>
           <art_xml id="c1772621156.xml"/>
           <art_xml id="c41168064.xml"/>
        <col type="narrow_right">
           <art_xml id="c766821139.xml"/>
     <folder id="f61944265" index_page="p423161157" 
display_label_link="true" xsl_fileref="basic-2col.xsl" label="Products" 
name="Products" pager="true" snailtrail="true" gen="false" 
        <col type="narrow_left"/>
        <col type="wide_center"/>
        <col type="narrow_right">
           <art_xml id="c1429697858.xml"/>
        <page file_ext=".html" id="p423161157" display_label_link="true" 
xsl_fileref="basic-3col.xsl" label="liveSTORYBOARD" 
title="liveSTORYBOARD: An XML Content Management System" toc="false" 
metadata="false" gen="false" status="editorial">
           <col type="narrow_left"/>
           <col type="wide_center">
              <art_xml id="c205527826.xml"/>
              <art_xml id="c41168064.xml"/>
              <art_xml id="c1845444322.xml"/>
              <art_xml id="c840847831.xml"/>
           <col type="narrow_right"/>
        <page file_ext=".html" id="p1998841236" 
display_label_link="true" xsl_fileref="default" label="Feature List" 
title="liveSTORYBOARD Feature List" toc="false" metadata="false" 
gen="false" status="editorial">
           <col type="narrow_left"/>
           <col type="wide_center">
              <art_xml id="c1407836277.xml"/>
           <col type="narrow_right"/>
<config context="lsb" id="lsb_1_0">
    <content id="f1">
<!-- content is checked out by user abc123 -->
        <art_xml label="Related Links (home)" id="c766821139.xml" 
lock="abc123" status="editorial"/>
<!-- content has been QA'd and is ready for live deployment -->
        <art_xml label="Contact" id="c1366807863.xml" lock="certified" 
        <content id="f348554045">
            <art_xml label="Site Administrators" id="c1627103600.xml" 
lock="certified" status="certified"/>
<!-- content is currently in QA -->
            <art_xml label="Editors" id="c1442852231.xml" lock="qa" 
            <art_xml label="Developers" id="c395560268.xml" lock="qa" 
<!-- content is checked in and available for editing by people with 
appropriate perms -->
            <art_xml label="Designers" id="c282474740.xml" lock="false" 
            <art_xml label="Related links (designers)" 
id="c261372502.xml" lock="false" status="editorial"/>
        <content id="f335818482">
            <art_xml label="CM Resources from third parties" 
id="c156555022.xml" lock="def123" status="editorial"/>
            <art_xml label="CM Resources from liveSTORYBOARD" 
id="c2052566953.xml" lock="def123" status="editorial"/>

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