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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: some Forrest pages are browser killers
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 17:17:25 GMT
Robert Koberg wrote:
> Are there any statistics on browser percentage?

Many PostNuke Sites have a browser statistic online. I vaguely
remember one from Oct 01 which showed some 70+% IEx 5.x,
10% IEx 4, 10% Netscape4, a bit (2-3%?) of Opera and <1% total
of Moz/NS6+Lynx+Konqueror+EmacsWWW and older NS and IEx and
another 1.odd% of "unknown"

> Why doesn't cocoon run on java1.0?

Nobody still runs Java 1.0.

> [How] many hits from Nav4.n browsers are people trying to make sure their site 
> works on Nav4.n...
It depends. NS 4 really sucks.
On a related account, because I used to browse with images turned
off, I once complained to a site support that they should use alt
tags in their images so that there is at least something on the
screen. The answer I got was basically "our web designers think its
too much work and not worth doing". Explanations that they cut off
people on slow connections and visually impaired didn't help.
Should I mention they run also a lot of IEx specific JScript
which kept NS4.73 crashing and made the site nearly unnavigable?
I didn't bother to complain about this. I know of someone who
is more persistent with regard to this, and he usually is told
"use IEx, it's already on your system". He's using NS4.04 on
Well, having said this, most pages blow up on NS4.7
anyway (out of memory), so there is not much difference. I switched
to Mozilla for this reason, OTOH Moz has difficulties with the
500k spec pages on W3C. The world is still far from being perfect.


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