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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject [RT] XSL structure across projects -- was -->Re: HTML/CSS and graphics
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 13:26:27 GMT
Hi all,

Bert Van Kets wrote:

> I volunteered for this job.  What are your ideas on this task?

------- General XSL Structure ---------

Will projects create their own look and feel? Will all projects use the same XSL?
If used across all xml-projects, and if they create their own L&F, what 
can they change (just CSS? XSL?)?
If they can create their own XSLT, perhaps there should be 
xml-apache-rules (already in place?) about xsl:include vs. xsl:import 
and/or using a priority attribute on a template rule to override the 
base set of XSL.
-- xsl:include used for things that should never be changed (examples: 
copyright, nav)
-- xsl:import used for things that can be overriden
-- or, perhaps just have the project create a high priority on a 
template rule so they override the base set. This makes me think of 
another question:
Is there some facility in place (or planned) to check a project 
directory and see if they have XSL that should be used to override the 
base set?
-- (perhaps this has already been said??) I suggest including a 
'global_definitions.xsl' (or named whatever) from each of the project 
sites into a base set of XSL. A project has control over the file and 
can include/import/prioritize anyway they want - within the rules.
-- there would also be a global_defintions.xsl for each of the projects 
in the base set of XSL. These import/include all of the common XSL. make 

what do you think?


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