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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: double height?
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 15:07:02 GMT

Steven Noels wrote:

>>From: Robert Koberg []
>thank you for this - you're heading in the direction I wanted to go when
>time permitted, i.e. further componentizing the stylesheets.

your welcome sir :) much easier to maintain. One thing I failed to 
mention was how to use them. The document XML gets transformed against 
the basic-2col.xsl (a 'wrapper'), this includes global_defintions.xsl. 
global_defintions.xsl includes all of the common XSLs, gets the params 
and sets any global variables. This way different wrappers only need to 
include the global_defs XSL

>I'm -0.5 on full CSS, though - I really need to see this degrade
>gracefully, but I'm sure you tested it before. We should check on
>Linux-browsers too, however, or this will never be accepted by the
Yea... I don't even use full CSS for my own stuff... :(  too much 
whackiness from too many browsers...

But, the audience here would be one of the most likely to adapt to CSS1. 
There is not /that/ much difference between the 6th gen browsers across 
platform.  And the people coming here are not here for a visual 
experience. but I understand your concern and I can help to nail (as 
much as possible) it down so it looks the same cross platform/cross browser.

>I know we can have different stylesheets depending
>on the UA using Cocoon Selectors, but I'm afraid we'll never get around
>supporting 15 different stylesheets

>We must get rid of the document() function, for sure - the fact that you
>are using it makes me think you don't have access to Forrest itself - is
>that right? How can we help you with that? That would make your
>contributions more coordinated with what we have right now.
I am planning to get more invloved, honest. I have been trying to finish 
up my own project (10-16 hr days, but scope creep is hard to stop when 
you are the creeper :) We are writing docs now. Sheesh they take a long 
time :) When i have some breathing room I plan on digging into cocoon (I 
want my cms product to export to a cocoon environment, among others) and 
helping out more on this list. I have checked out forrest once a 
month(?) ago, but had difficulty finding my around. I am not too 
familiar with how things work, but I can commit changes through CVS. I 
just did not think I would be allowed to commit such things. Is there a 
page that describes the procedure?


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