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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: double height?
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 13:54:39 GMT

I have made some XSL and CSS for the index page. Everything is CSS - no 
tables. I changed the page.css quite a bit. Mainly, I made unique things 
IDs instead of CLASSes, since they will not be used more than once.

There a few problems, but I have to work on something else now. I will 
try to get back to it tonight if people are interested in this (or 
someone else can advance it??). I did not have the images so they might 
be out of alignment. I have tested on IE 6 windows, Mozilla windows 
(can't find the version #, but I believe it is before RC1), IE5.01 OSX, 
Mozilla RC1 OSX. I am sure other browser will show more problems.

What is good about this approach is that it furthers SoC. There is:

  +  ----------------- HTML ----------------- CSS
(content               (structure)                  (presentation)
& styling)

The whole site's look can be changed by changing the CSS alone.

The problems are:
1. on IE6 windows the menu column is nudged right too far
2. on mozilla the copyright line, when it has a background color, colors 
the whole page (I took out the bg color for now)
3. on mac IE there is a border trying to come out from the right edge, 
but does quite make it
4. on mac IE the search box does not float properly

Here is the rendered page:

here you can grab a zip of the XSLT/XML/CSS:
It includes (from me):
- article.xsl
- banner.xsl
- basic-2col.xsl
- footer.xsl
- global_defintions.xsl
- head.xsl
- html_tags.xsl
- nav.xsl
- page.css
- the XMLs, sample HTML and old CSS

For the nav, I used the document function. I assume this needs to be 

what are the target browsers? Should we target 6th gen browsers and let 
the rest fail semi-gracefully?


p.s. thanks David for the test files

Steven Noels wrote:

>>From: Morrison, John []
>>>Getting back to nested tables? I did some cross-browser
>>testing on w2K
>>>and linux - pages look quite similar on all these platforms. So just
>>>fixing this little problem would avoid us going for nested tables.
>>>Anyone any ideas?
>>Yeah :) Leave it.  Forrest is running on Cocoon.  OK, while a static
>>snapshot is being hosted it wont be correct, but when Cocoon itself
>>is up we can have a stylesheet per browser/version right?
>If anyone feels like creating those stylesheets, please jump up :-)
>We'll currently leave it as it is.

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