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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Remodularized DTDs
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 13:05:59 GMT
Many thanks, Steven and David, for the constructive feedback and 
modifications. Based on your input, I now submit my own modifications.

1. Moved overview content to header/abstract
As Steven suggested, and upon further reflection, I agree that it was 
redundant. Better to encourage authors to include overview content 
through instructions, example, and templates than to enforce it via DTD 
(which provides weak enforcement, at best).

2. Moved overview/note (introduced by David) to header/notice.

3. Removed revisions
Based on earlier Forrest thread. Revisions will stand on their own 
(separate revision dtd or document dtd) with hooks (via id or filename) 
to document. This will facilitate patch application (i.e. no substantive 
review required as revision content is simply added to existing doc 

4. Made audience/purpose/prerequisites optional
Again, better to encourage authors to include content through 
instructions, example, and templates than to enforce it via DTD.

5. Corrected spelling mistake, prerequisites

6. Versioning
Steven also asked me to propose some content for a versioning system 
(draft, release, revision or numbers). I have nothing to propose because 
I see no use for it at the present time given our distributed CMS model. 
Rather than use some rather subjective and lagging indicator of a 
document's relevancy, we should use community patches (in the form of 
revision docs with dates) to communicate document status. IMO, 
associating status with version numbers will only mislead readers.

Seems to me we should consider reusing this dtd (with a more generic 
name) for other community submissions. For example, tutorial and code 
snippet will be the same, except for the element "steps." Perhaps we can 
use a more generic term for "steps," such as "contribution" or "core" or 


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