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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject draft howto dtd
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 18:25:06 GMT
Attached is a howto dtd draft, along with a sample doc to validate. A 
few notes.

1. I think the header element contains a lot of useful cms-related info. 
Perhaps version can be used to imply status: draft/release/revision. I'm 
not sure of its precise meaning with code, but perhaps "draft" document 
versions could have a value less than 1, etc.

2. id attribute (via %common.att;) is defined for howto, so if CMS needs 
to manage docs via that attribute, we're still ok.

3. I declared one additional child element of header: 
last-modified-content-date. Its purpose is to provide meaning to the 
reader based on content changes, not mere structural changes, etc. I'm 
not sure if it duplicates revision history structure at the bottom.

4. I'm trying to take what is a liberal approach to what is allowed by 
the dtd. For example, I didn't use %content.mix; anywhere. I wanted to 
allow authors the chance to use lists for prerequesites, intended 
audience, etc. Perhaps some of you will consider this too loose.

5. Steve, I wonder if you're going to dislike the way I'm treating 
titles (as attributes) in each howto part. I just found it a little 
simpler to implement this way. Feel free to revise, in anticipation of 
your v11 work.

Anyway, please improve it. I'm certainly no expert. Snippets/tutorials 
dtds will be similarly structured, so I'll wait for comments before 
submitting those.

Many thanks.


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