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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-forrest/src/documentation/content/xdocs who.xml
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 01:36:14 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> > From: Nicola Ken Barozzi
> > > From: Steven Noels
> > > >
> > > > Any compelling reason to do so?
> > >
> > > 1. It's the "standard" over at krysalis
> > > 2. It's what was decided to be better over at gump@alexandria
> > > 3. It shows if the cron run works ;-)
> > >
> > > > > From:
> > > > >   Changing my id to the nix id.
> From: John Morrison
> > 1. This isn't krysalis
> > 2. This isn't gump OR alexandria
> > 3. It really should have been discussed _here_.
> Sorry, I didn't think it was such a big issue changing *my* id.
> AFAIK nobody asked what we wanted ids to be in the first place, nor that
> there is a rule for it.
> > I prob would have said yes, but it would have been nice
> > to have been in on a discussion to decide this for
> > forrest.
> Gee, again I'm sorry, but this *isn't* a decision.
> I'm just testing the cron job to make Forrest work, and it just happened
> that at 20:00 o'clock, after a day full of work, I couldn't come up with a
> better thing to change to easily see if pubblication worked.

Come on now guys. Let us be productive.
Perhaps this situation has arisen because the work on Forrest
automation has not been discussed much on forrest-dev. There
seems to be plenty happening in that area in the background.

I would like to understand how it works. Hey, one day we
suddenly and magically had a website. Great, thanks, but how?

Obviously standards are necessary here, so we do need to
be aware of them and implement them. However, we do not all
subscribe to all mailing lists, so how are we know?

(By the way, it makes perfect sense to me to use committer
usernames as IDs.)

> You see, I didn't think discussing about my id is paramount now.
> If you think it's important just start a discussion.
> What's the problem?

Settle down Ken. John/Steven were just wondering why the sudden
change. It is the duty of committers to watch the CVS log messages
to ensure that strange things do not creep in. If we see something
odd, especially something inconsistent such as IDs, then we must
speak up immediately.

Perhaps a better cvs log message would have headed this whole
issue off. I think that committers need to briefly say "Why"
as well as "What".

> > Come to that, I'm subscribed to the alexandria list, with
> > commit access and I've not seen emails to that effect,
> > nor JM in any files.
> "
> From: "Peter Donald" <>
> >  And I would also recomend that
> > it use the users Apache account username as ID rather than BL, PD or
> whatever
> > as that way you can map username to things like changes gathered via cvs
> log
> > or from bugzilla or whatever.
> "
> I also said I was going to change for all projects using Centipede
> descriptors, and nobody argued, hence I thought it was liked by the others
> on the list.
> Let me make it clear: I don't care what the id is, I don't feel like
> discussing it -so do what you want-, I don't have any fealing of any sort
> about ids, I don't want to impose anything, I will never ever try to impose
> anything.
> Gee, I've been working hard these days on the project and all I get is being
> turned down by a stupid id.
> :-(
*** I am confused by the use of the smiley icon. ***
*** Would someone please explain.                ***

My understanding is that it is used to make it doubly-clear
that the author was, in fact, trying to make a joke and
was not being serious.

Ken, you sound serious to me.

Anyway back to your last sentence. You seem to indicate that
we do not value your work ... quite the opposite. I am often
stunned by the work that you do in various projects. I do
express appreciation now and then (look to the archives).
I wonder if you have read the excellent new Forrest Primer,
wherein praise is lavished upon Nicola Ken. Please come
back, we need you.


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