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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Wish/Dream List for Document DTD
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 07:59:41 GMT
Piroumian Konstantin wrote:
> Hi all!
<snip lots of good stuff/>
> 2. Links/References
> 	2.1 Links to resources that are not present at the build time break
> the build. Any good idea on how to solve this? Maybe a matcher in sitemap
> that return nothing or something like: <document>Will be added
> later</document>>
> 	2.2 Jumps between document content. E.g.: in the list of supported
> markup elements for a transformer it is needed to have jumps to the details
> for that elements. Currently I've used special anchors near the section
> names with the details. Having some automagics here would be fine.

Please see the "links" section of the Demo document-v11
where we have some issues with <link> and <jump>
Some of us are very unclear about the distinction between.
We also discussed it a bit here ...
 Re: new demo document-v11

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