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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: draft howto dtd
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 04:03:55 GMT

I just finished reviewing all pages on

Encouraging first steps !

A few more almost-negligible notes:

Forrest site generation using Cocoon

The docs target of the Forrest build environment invokes Cocoon as a
command-line application to generate an HTML rendition of the project's
documentation. It is not within the scope of this document to explain the
Cocoon internals, please read ***the its*** own documentation to fully
understand the power of Cocoon.

Cocoon responds by aggregating two 'sub-requests'. The first is for the
resource book-{1}.xml, the second is for the resource body-{1}.xml. The {1}
parameter is replaced by the ***valuse*** of the first wildcard in the
matching pattern above. These 'sub-requests' are passed through the cocoon
pipeline just like any other request. This results in the following flow:

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From: "Diana Shannon" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 1:25 PM
Subject: draft howto dtd

> Attached is a howto dtd draft, along with a sample doc to validate. A
> few notes.
> 1. I think the header element contains a lot of useful cms-related info.
> Perhaps version can be used to imply status: draft/release/revision. I'm
> not sure of its precise meaning with code, but perhaps "draft" document
> versions could have a value less than 1, etc.
> 2. id attribute (via %common.att;) is defined for howto, so if CMS needs
> to manage docs via that attribute, we're still ok.
> 3. I declared one additional child element of header:
> last-modified-content-date. Its purpose is to provide meaning to the
> reader based on content changes, not mere structural changes, etc. I'm
> not sure if it duplicates revision history structure at the bottom.
> 4. I'm trying to take what is a liberal approach to what is allowed by
> the dtd. For example, I didn't use %content.mix; anywhere. I wanted to
> allow authors the chance to use lists for prerequesites, intended
> audience, etc. Perhaps some of you will consider this too loose.
> 5. Steve, I wonder if you're going to dislike the way I'm treating
> titles (as attributes) in each howto part. I just found it a little
> simpler to implement this way. Feel free to revise, in anticipation of
> your v11 work.
> Anyway, please improve it. I'm certainly no expert. Snippets/tutorials
> dtds will be similarly structured, so I'll wait for comments before
> submitting those.
> Many thanks.
> Diana



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