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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject Re: [OT] family news
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 22:09:15 GMT
Great news, Steven! Congratulations!!! 

> I know it is utterly cheesy to have this kind of emails archived in
> Apache mail archives, but since I've mentioned it already to quite some
> people on this list in private conversations, I could as well break the
> news for the others as well:
> this morning at 3:40AM GMT+1 (yawn), my two boys of age 4 and 5 were
> joined by a little babygirl Saar, 3.525 kg and 50cm for the
> dimensionally-challenged amongst you

Now you chalked up again in quantity. ;)
But for comparison my daughter was 3.720kg and 56cm

> mother & baby are doing well, and hell yes, I'm a proud dad :-)

I am familar with your feelings. ;)

> she doesn't know XML/XSLT and sorts, and I plan on keeping her in this
> blissfull ignorance for quite some time to come :-)

Now you'll have much less time for XML/XSLT and sorts ;)
Happy dandling*)!!! 

*) dandle - to rock the baby on hands or knees ;)


> </Steven>

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