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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [ROADMAP] Forrest 0.1
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 13:01:04 GMT
Cool, some bandwidth available here ...

> I think we gotta start rolling Forrest 0.1
> This is what I propose:
> ==========================
>                   ROADMAP
> ==========================
> [nicolaken] update Forrest to Centipede 1.0-dev
> [all] decide how to enhance bool.xml if needed

Let's start with what we've got - if I'm ready with my personal
tinkering on a new book.xml concept, I'll move forward starting from v

> [nicolaken + all] see if the new xml definitions of Centipede
> are ok and
> make final DTDs

I'll double-check (if I can access Centipede/Sourceforge - don't know
what has been happening to SF lately, they seem to be having quite some

> [open] make an index aggregation stuff; see if Gianugo's
> stuff solves the
> problem
> [open] make a forrest skin

If no-one else does, I'll be happy to do so, but only by the end of next

> [all] add documentation to our site
> [open] make a converter that changes automatically the old
> docs into the new
> DTD. Basically, we just need to do a search and replace of the DTD
> declarations and change s1|s2|s3|s4 to section. I did this by hand for
> Jakarta POI, that is currently using the Forrest DTD.
> [all] decide how to schedule site update runs - on which
> machine will it
> run? when?

> [nicolaken + all] make a forrest specific configuration file,
> where we have
> the names of the projects that want to Forrest.
> [nicolaken + open] make a target that collects the docs from
> the CVSs and
> publishes them
> [nicolaken] implement basic nagging system with the code used
> for Cocoon
> nags

OK for me, thanks for triggering us. I'll be happy to help out - how
about a 0.1 release by the end of April?

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