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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Site styles
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 12:31:28 GMT

> >
> > Hey, what would you expect? That I would start over again? ;-)
> >
> > Good to see you again!
> Thanks.
> Btw, I've returned as a father of already 2 kids, so we could
> talk on equal
> terms ;)

Oh... Sorry, dude: by the end of May, I'll be having the competitive
advantage of an extra (3rd) child ;-)

Hehe. Seriously: Congratulations, and when can we expect some pictures
being put up on your website? Did everything went well?

> > > Although, I see some minor differencies between the original
> > > styles and
> > > current:
> > > 	- Menu items (at left) became black - they were white and bold
> > > originally. Black looks worse and is not as readable as white
> >
> > Hm. I'm not a CSS expert, and had some troubles finding out where I
> > needed to put which classes. I will be working on this
> > however.
> Why don't you just take to page.css that I've sent? Anyway, I
> can take a
> look at it a little later (I've some unfinished tasks with Cocoon).
> >Also, I
> > see the images used in the HTML are copied over from the source
> > directory to the destination by the Cocoon crawler, but this
> > is not the
> > case for the images referred to in the CSS file. We could patch the
> > Crawler, but I guess a simple extra Ant target copying over
> > this images
> > will do, too.
> As I remember, Cocoon build simply copies needed images (and
> all the other
> resources), so we can make it the same way.

Forrest uses that same crawler, which apparently doesn't work on images
not referred to directly in the generated HTML, but in the accompagnying
CSS. So we can patch the crawler or have an extra Ant target - an Ant
target I can manage, patching the crawler of course is a better
solution. I'll have to look into this.

> > > 	- Table formatting is also different (compare the table in
> > > mail-archives.html and
> /resources/layout/
> >
> > Yep, tables are not put into templates, yet.
> They were. The XSL that I've sent for documents was quite
> complete. I can
> resend it if you need or you can wait until I have a little
> time to update
> forrest skin myself and send the diff.

Let's work from what is in CVS now, I had some difficulties working from
your earlier submissions, and patches make that process a lot easier. I
plan to work on the XSLT during the next week - if you have spare time
right now and are planning to work on them, just let us know when you



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