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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Site styles
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 12:01:58 GMT

> I've just build forrest site and I amazed how much has
> changes since I've
> been here. Good job! And it's fine to see that my work was
> also used for it.

Hey, what would you expect? That I would start over again? ;-)

Good to see you again!

> Although, I see some minor differencies between the original
> styles and
> current:
> 	- Menu items (at left) became black - they were white and bold
> originally. Black looks worse and is not as readable as white

Hm. I'm not a CSS expert, and had some troubles finding out where I
needed to put which classes. I will be working on this however. Also, I
see the images used in the HTML are copied over from the source
directory to the destination by the Cocoon crawler, but this is not the
case for the images referred to in the CSS file. We could patch the
Crawler, but I guess a simple extra Ant target copying over this images
will do, too.

> 	- Table formatting is also different (compare the table in
> mail-archives.html and /resources/layout/

Yep, tables are not put into templates, yet.

> Also, see license.html, am I wrong saying that the license
> text should be
> preformatted? The problem is that the <source /> element is
> not transformed
> to <pre /> as it was intended, but output as <source
> xml:space="preserve"
> />.

What I basically did was just an evening-hack so that we have a version
in CVS to work from. Most, of not all text level elements are not
defined yet. So feel free to submit patches, at least we now have a
common starting point.

> Btw, why the site content source is placed under the
> /src/documentation
> directory? Isn't it more natural to change it to 'site'?
> Documentation is
> only a part of site.

That's one of the centipede dependencies, I guess. Whether we learn to
live with it, or change it, depends largely on what is cooking on
Nicola's stove. Quite anxious to find out, AAMOF ;-)


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