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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject RE: Site styles
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 12:13:05 GMT
> From: Steven Noels [] 
> Konstantin,
> > I've just build forrest site and I amazed how much has
> > changes since I've
> > been here. Good job! And it's fine to see that my work was
> > also used for it.
> Hey, what would you expect? That I would start over again? ;-)
> Good to see you again!

Btw, I've returned as a father of already 2 kids, so we could talk on equal
terms ;)

> > Although, I see some minor differencies between the original
> > styles and
> > current:
> > 	- Menu items (at left) became black - they were white and bold
> > originally. Black looks worse and is not as readable as white
> Hm. I'm not a CSS expert, and had some troubles finding out where I
> needed to put which classes. I will be working on this 
> however. 

Why don't you just take to page.css that I've sent? Anyway, I can take a
look at it a little later (I've some unfinished tasks with Cocoon).

>Also, I
> see the images used in the HTML are copied over from the source
> directory to the destination by the Cocoon crawler, but this 
> is not the
> case for the images referred to in the CSS file. We could patch the
> Crawler, but I guess a simple extra Ant target copying over 
> this images
> will do, too.

As I remember, Cocoon build simply copies needed images (and all the other
resources), so we can make it the same way.

> > 	- Table formatting is also different (compare the table in
> > mail-archives.html and /resources/layout/
> Yep, tables are not put into templates, yet.

They were. The XSL that I've sent for documents was quite complete. I can
resend it if you need or you can wait until I have a little time to update
forrest skin myself and send the diff.

> > Also, see license.html, am I wrong saying that the license
> > text should be
> > preformatted? The problem is that the <source /> element is
> > not transformed
> > to <pre /> as it was intended, but output as <source
> > xml:space="preserve"
> > />.
> What I basically did was just an evening-hack so that we have 
> a version
> in CVS to work from. Most, of not all text level elements are not
> defined yet. So feel free to submit patches, at least we now have a
> common starting point.


> > Btw, why the site content source is placed under the
> > /src/documentation
> > directory? Isn't it more natural to change it to 'site'?
> > Documentation is
> > only a part of site.
> That's one of the centipede dependencies, I guess. Whether we learn to
> live with it, or change it, depends largely on what is cooking on
> Nicola's stove. Quite anxious to find out, AAMOF ;-)

Nicola, do you have anything to say about it? ;)


> </Steven>

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