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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Ok, I give up
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:19:09 GMT


> No Diana, that is not our style. I think that Steven's previous
> posting "Welcome to DIANA SHANNON [was: RE: Greetings]"
> was just a joke, playing on your prior comment that it
> would be nice to get your name out of the subject line.

I realized the joke, just forget to add ;) to my response. My mistake.

> Also, i wonder if this discussion about Cocoon
> documentation is really meant for the cocoon-dev list.
> I thought that "Forrest" is intended as an infrastructure
> for pulling together consistent documentation for various
> projects. Each project's own documentation content and
> structure should be their issue.

I think Steven only suggested investigating C2 as a case study. I was 
under the impression that we might abstract out, from that review, 
components (document templates, author guidelines) which might be useful 
to other projects. I was looking for something to do while waiting for 
the C2 voting process to finish. I'm trying to learn how to leverage 
existing resources. That's all.


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