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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Greetings
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 22:48:00 GMT
At the thoughtful prompting of Nicola Ken and Steven, I just wanted to 
let everyone know I am now intently following this list. Today, I reread 
the *entire* email archive and started to play with the most recent cvs. 
I'm really impressed by the efforts to date. I also am mindful of the 
crucial role this architecture will play in improving the quality and 
features of Cocoon 2 and other Apache documentation down the road.

Nevertheless, if I'm voted in a document coordinator for Cocoon, I 
suspect I will have my hands full, at least initially, addressing 
problems related to the *substance* of the documentation (and not its 
architectural basis). Go ahead and call me old-fashioned, but I remain 
concerned that existing content problems prevent/delay a critical mass 
of users from recognizing the brilliance of projects like Cocoon and 
Forrest. Steven has kindly offered to help out with the documentation 
coordination effort, and I have every confidence in his ability to make 
sure that effort takes full advantage of Forrest.

Here are just a few (probably rookie) comments.
  - This may be trivial issue, but you may want to consider how Forrest 
might implement community-oriented features of web site. For example, a 
search of "how-tos" at revealed more 
than 577 different topics/pages (maintained on member pages).
- The priority of clean URI space is going to be a welcome relief, given 
the potential pitfalls of current linking habits within Cocoon's 
existing document structure.
- Automatic document updates will free up document coordination efforts 
to focus more on content. Hooray!
- The prospect of capturing user feedback (in far more creative ways 
than form-based submission presently allows) at the critical moment when 
they actually *use* a page is very cool indeed.

So great job everyone! Hope to be able to contribute something of value 
down the road. Until then, I'll be paying close attention.

Diana Shannon
... quite relieved to have her name out of the subject line! :)

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